10 key ingredient in writing an impactful web content

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10 key ingredient in writing an impactful web content


Writing great web content is not magic. All you need is to follow the right instructions and your audience will be begging for more. Your web content should discuss only what your website is all about. Use a storyteller approach because people like to be entertained. Write in your own style and voice, so that the audience feel that you are talking directly to them each time they read on your website.

Be original

For your web content to create the desired impact it must be original, unique and fresh. You should never copy from anywhere so you don’t make your audience feel you’re cheap. Also, original content is required to attract search engine bots.

Use strong headlines

Since the first thing the readers will be seeing is the title of your content, it is only wise that you make it as strong as possible. There are so many options to read from, on the internet, and the only way to attract readers is to create a solid first impression.

Choose the right keywords

If you’re not using the right keywords there is no way you’ll be able to attract new readers. Make sure the keywords you’re using is what audiences searching for businesses in your industry are typing into the search engine box.

Don’t make it too long

People have so much to do in a very little time. The last thing you want to do is bore your readers with a long article that seems not to have an ending. Maximize your words and find ways to say a lot with a few words.

Provide answers

Most people ending up on your website have one question or two at the back of their minds they are looking for answers for. If you plan to retain their loyalty, you need to be able to predict their confusion and strategically place the answers in your web content.

Research is indispensable

Don’t include any specific details in your web content that you’re not sure is right. People don’t like it when they read about something only to find out later that they have been fooled. The internet is loaded with useful research resources you can use without paying anything.

Focus on the theme

Your website should have a particular theme or topic that it discusses with its audience. Once you have established this, don’t derail from it. Don’t talk about cars on a website that discusses shoes, you’ll confuse the world.

Check for errors

A website content that contains grammatical and spelling errors just shows that you’re cheap and sloppy. Double-check your content for all types of errors before putting it out there for the world to see.

It’s better to sell than to inform

Most website owners believe they can make more sales by telling the audience good tidings about their products and services. Unfortunately, this is not true as readers feel they are been exploited when they read a sales pitch instead of an article that is supposed to add value to their life.

Make it simple

Vocabularies are great. But add too much of it and you’ll lose your audience. Don’t forget that most of the people who are going to patronize you are of average education. Focus on communication rather than impression. Write in your own style and voice, so that the audience feel that you are talking directly to them each time they read on your website. Hire a professional writer if you don’t have the time to write.

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