Here are the top five technologies that will transform content marketing

By October 31, 2017 One Comment

Here are the top five technologies that will transform content marketing


Creating quality content requires that you change your style and strategies, regularly and continuously. This is necessary in order for you to keep up with the changing trends, be in line with the competition and keep the audiences’ interest. In the coming year, companies have introduced technologies that are designed to change the way content marketing is being created and delivered. These technologies will have an impact so, you should be aware of them.

Instant articles

Even though they’re not new, it is evident that there are clear moves to take this technology to the next level. Facebook and other platforms now offer instant articles for users to access without the need for redirecting them to other sites. If this trend continues, it will only mean that website traffic will reduce and content marketers will have to rely on in-app ability to keep users engaged.

Self-updating algorithm

Organic search results are one of the reasons people are using search engines. Humans did search result updates in the past, manually. Those years are gone now. With the introduction of technologies like Google RankBrain, algorithm updating is now done automatically without warning. This simply means that content marketers will begin to find it harder to come up with a formula to get good ranking.

Social purchasing

Facebook and Pinterest have shown us that people are now very much keen to buy things on social media. This is a big game changer in the content marketing world since content marketers will need to find new ways to attract people on social media and make them buy. This means that in the future, social media may be shifting from a platform for consumable content to space with well-developed e-commerce capabilities.

Live streaming improvement

With the introduction of live streaming applications like Meerkat and periscope, people are now becoming more and more interested in things happening in the moment. This possesses a great threat to content marketers who are used to providing content after it had been edited and prepared. The more live streaming experience becomes better and grows, the more content marketers will have to develop a way to attract the audience.

Virtual reality

After Facebook bought over Oculus Rift, which has the most advanced VR technology in the market, people have been anticipating the impact it will create. The truth is, when the Oculus Rift finally arrives, it is going to become another major means of consuming content. This means that content marketers will now need to produce content specifically for the virtual reality and augmentation community. But there are two things that could happen. It is either the technology gains ground or it just gets its moment and fades away. But there are indications that virtual reality is most likely going to grow, and content marketers will need to feed it with specialized content.

To be ahead of your competition is to prepare for these technology updates. Take your time to study them and adopt them in your strategies. You don’t want to be left behind when they eventually begin to dictate market forces.

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