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How to promote your business using exceptional press release tactics

Press release is one of the best ways to get the word out there about your business, products and services. However, with the continuous shrinking of newsroom staff and attentive reporters, it is becoming more and more difficult to get press release noticed. If your press release is not working, it means that your tactics are outdated and you may need to change your strategy. The exceptional PR tactics below will do you so much good.

  • Know your audience

Every great PR copy starts with knowing exactly who your audience is. It doesn’t matter how much cool the write up is or how convinced you are, if you are writing the right PR to the wrong crowd, you’ll get burned. Make sure the journalists you’re pitching to understand your industry and know your target audience.

  • Be specific

With so many companies making use of PR, it is becoming more and more difficult for journalists to handle the pressure. This is why they only pick those PRs that are precise, focused and go straight to the point. Make sure you don’t beat about the bush when writing your PR by listing your priorities and going straight to the point.

  • Use proper SEO

Before embarking on your PR strategy, you should do some research on your own. Look for relevant keywords that are commonly used in your industry and carefully place them on your copy. This is the only way reporters and other interested people can reach you and then redistribute.

  • Use social media

Social media is here to stay and is influencing every aspect of the internet world including press releases. Once your press release is ready, try sharing it on your social media platform in order to get even more exposure. Look for trending topics on social media and include the relevant keywords in your copy. Include a click to tweet button on your PR copy and release a preview on twitter. Make use of images and videos, when launching a new product. A PR copy with a 15 seconds video and the powerful image will always hit the bull’s eye.

  • Utilize a reliable distribution channel

Do not just go for cheap, make use of the best and most competent PR distribution networks in the market. Go to online forums or search Google to locate those PR distribution services that are recommended by most professionals and users. Getting a reputable PR distribution company might cost you a little more, but it guarantees that your press release will be pushed to multiple media outlets and news feeds automatically.

  • Self-distribute

Even after paying a PR distribution outlet, you still need to do a bit of homework yourself. Share your PR on your website, blog and social media platforms. If you have the resources or contacts, you can try going offline to spread the news even further. Your PR strategy is what will determine if your product launch or announcements will be successful or become another total failure. The idea here is to be specific, know your audience, try multiple distribution outlets and be positive.

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