Top five mobile app for managing your business on the go

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Top five mobile app for managing your business on the go


As a 21st century business manager, you have a herculean task to keep your business in the right perspective. This is especially true for people who run a B2B firm – who must organize their business in order to meet with today’s fast moving world. Thank God for the invention of mobile phones. Now, people can monitor and manage their business on top of their palm while on the go. Here are five very useful apps you should consider downloading for this purpose. And they are all free.

Google Analytics App
If you’re running a website, it is important that you apply the Google analytic software, so that you can access activities on your website in real-time. But then, most people would need to get on their desktop before they can access the data from their google analytics. Not anymore. With the google analytics app for iOS and android, you can access your website data like conversions, visitor behaviors, patterns, audience insights e.t.c on the go. If more visitors are accessing your website via their mobile device, you should also be monitoring them through the same.

LinkedIn Pulse
in our modern world, information is true wealth. And the faster you can get it the better. The linkedin pulse app allows you to access new and information on the internet, related to your industry, on the go. The app gathers news related to your industry and delivers it in a neat and easy to navigate format. You have the power determine what news you get by the people you follow, and it allows you to join in the conversation through likes, shares and comments.

Project management is one of the most essential aspects of running any business. You need to be able to achieve all tasks and satisfy your clients so they come back. The Asana mobile app is one solid app that allows you do project management on the go, with little or no efforts. You can create entire projects, assign duties to your employees or subordinates via emails, check updates, in fact, you have the capacity to know everything going on with your business.

If you want to succeed as a business owner, you’ll have to learn how to take and keep notes. Evernote is a mobile app that allow you to keep notes, take pictures and other messages, and store them in a well-organized format. With evernote, you don’t have to worry about sweating to get a certain information in a sea of data. You can make use of the search feature to direct you to the very information that you required.

Creating data is one thing, keeping it save for future use is another thing. Dropbox is one of the most innovative technology ever created in the last decade. Why? Because with dropbox, you can store all your captured files, pictures, documents, videos, data and pretty much anything direct on the cloud. Dropbox allows you to connect all your devices so that whatever you store on any devices will be accessible in other devices. What more can you ask for?

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